Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Class Project Winners

Dr Tunnell challenged 4 teams in his BME class to design a coloring book to help Chortiz children develop healthy habits and 4 teams to plan a strategy for getting first aid kits to the Chortiz villages (original entry). Although all teams contributed keen insite to their chosen project, the following teams were the grand prize winners (prize: an A+ on their project).

El Dia Saludable de Manuelito
Lea Downey and her team designed a coloring book that follows Manuelito during a day of healthy habits. You can preview photos of the coloring book by pressing the play button, the pdf version is coming soon.

I showed the coloring book to Chortiz and volunteers who work with them. They are very excited to introduce the book in the village schools and also gave some very good feedback. We are in the process of updating the book to meet more health needs of the children. In addition, the team developed a beautiful tri-fold poster entitled "Kids Helping Kids" for placement in elementary schools, encouraging kids and teachers to donate crayons and paper for the Chortiz children.

A Plan for Distribution of First Aid Kits
The team that won the contest for the best-planned first aid kit had some very good points. They suggest buying the materials in bulk and redistributing the pills in separate containers, if necessary. The materials would all be stored in a locked toolbox and would be accompanied by instructions in Spanish and in the Chortiz language. They suggest using CAMO as a means to solicite funds and created a pamphlet of information for potential donors. One of their suggestions for sustainabilty is to work with CVS or Walgreens to have rewards program, where the pharmacy would donate X dollars to the project for every Y dollars spent. Their report can be downloaded here.

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